Write A Winning Personal Statement For Scholarships: A Guide

Write A Winning Personal Statement For Scholarship: A Guide

After getting into university life, the thought of applying for a scholarship will surely arise in your mind.

Maybe because you want to support your education.


You are planning to enhance your resume as studying on scholarship represents that you are a capable and skilled person.

No matter your purpose, you’ll need a great personal statement for scholarship application to convince the committee.

Often, students don’t have a clue about a personal statement. It’s not a typical essay that you write in college. In this one, you have to explain yourself, your goals, your personality, and your future career aims. All this information will help a scholarship committee to analyze you and check if you are eligible for the scholarship or not.

So if you are not aware of how to write one, then relax. We have discussed everything about the personal statement and the process of writing it below. So keep reading.

Describe Yourself: Write A Personal Statement For A Scholarship Step By Step

When people first start writing this kind of essay, it feels challenging. As some people find it hard to express themselves; on the other hand, some are great at it.

If you are the first one, then there are many online personal statement writer service sites available. You can take their help to compose an appealing one.

But if you are confident enough in your writing skills, then the below steps will ease your personal statement writing journey.

Read The Prompt Carefully

As essay writing always requires an understanding of a topic.

The same case is with personal statements too. The scholarship committee always provide a specific prompt for writing a personal statement. It’s your duty to read and understand what is being asked of you.

They can demand to compose a simple personal statement. Or they can state that tell about your strengths and weaknesses and explain how they mold your personality.

Thus, it is recommended to cover all the aspects of the prompt to write a great personal statement.

Brainstorm Ideas

When you get aware of what has been asked for, a personal statement, it’s time to think about all the ways to compose it. Brainstorm stories or situations that can best explain the asked pointers.

You can use a mind-mapping technique for this step too. It will assist you in selecting the important ideas and eliminating the unsuitable ones. For instance, as a medical university student, consider all the attractive points that medical personal statement writers usually include in their essays. You can also take help from the internet for different examples; it will guide you in the right direction.

It’s better to arrange the ideas in bullet points; after that comes the next step.

Make An Outline

When you have sorted what you want to add to your document, it’s time to make an outline.

Compose a structure of your personal statement as an introduction, main body, and conclusion. You further break the body into 2 or 3 paragraphs. Divide the brainstormed ideas under relevant headings. This technique will make it easy for you to write everything in a flow while not missing any points.

Start Writing Your Draft

When all the planning is done, the execution phase starts.

Just like all other standard essays, the personal statement will also be written in the three steps as discussed above. Every part has its own value, but make the introduction and conclusion parts appealing. , For the fact intro will grab the attention of the scholarship committee, while the ending will create a lasting impact. Let’s have a look at what to include under these.


The scholarship reviewers get a lot of applications daily. So if you want to stand out among all of them, then you have to give them something to hold their attention.

You can start with a story or a situation while describing yourself. Start with your name, and discuss your education, background, interest, and whatever you want to include. Just make sure to use a formal tone while incorporating personal experiences. The ending of the intro should be engaging enough to raise the reviewer’s curiosity to learn more about you.

Main Body

As you have briefly introduced yourself early, so now you have to elaborate on those things a little more.

The primary purpose of this document is to answer why and how you are the best candidate. Moreover, you should also have to prove how this scholarship will help you in the future. Therefore, just don’t explain things but also explain some situations as proof to support it.

For instance, you are saying that you have excellent interpersonal skills. So not just simply state it but also link some volunteer events in which you have used this skill. 


This step will conclude all the things that you have discussed above while convincing the reader. You have to create an impact in this part so that the committee selects you based on that. Summarise why you are a great student and how this scholarship will be helpful for you.

Editing & Proofreading

After when you finish your writing work, it’s essential to check it thoroughly.

Edit the format and tone of your draft and check if it answers all the things that have been asked in the prompt. When you arrange and check everything, it’s time to proofread your work. Make your personal statement free from spelling or grammar errors, or it will negatively impact the reviewers. And it can risk your scholarship.

Wrap Up:

Do you know what great news is?

Unlike a student loan, you don’t have to repay the scholarship. Thus, it’s a great chance to get the benefit from it. These scholarships not only aid you financially but also helps in the future. Only capable and eligible candidates get these awards, so it will also impact your CV. You will consider a skillful and excellent student, as the scholarship will prove it. 

But if you want to avail these favors, you have to make a winning personal statement. And for this purpose, you should incorporate the above step while writing one. We are sure it will help you to pass the scholarship process. But make sure that the given word count is fulfilled, don’t compose less or greater than that.

Lastly, it’s essential to write everything honestly and include evidence of everything so that the committee can trust you. It will create an impression on the checkers, and you can get a chance to select.

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